Before telling who is Mirandinha Miniaturas, we have to tell how everything started.

Mr. Cláudio de Castro, company’s founder, had a car electrical repair shop,  wich started having financial problems by the time due to chop shops. The customers took their cars to check what was the problem, and after a hard work to find out what it was, they didn’t change the car parts in Mr. Cláudio’s repair shop, they bought all the car pieces at the chop shops, and replace them for much cheaper prices. 

 He had no way out because he was the only breadwinner for his family. Everything changed when his younger son, Thiago Miranda, asked for a Pasty and he didn’t have money to buy one. At that moment, he realized that he had to find a solution for that situation.


On the same day, Cláudio, as a person of faith, went to the Sé Cathedral in São Paulo, to pray and ask for God’s help. The cathedral was empty and as he mentions “It was only me and God. I asked for a light at the end of the tunnel, just a way out, hoping it wouldn’t be the light of a locomotive”.

He got home at night and when he fell asleep, he had a dream, a revelation that all the big constructions and monuments were a success, but his miniatures were as successful as all the big things. As soon as he woke up in the next morning, he tried to clear up his dream and he started wondering "What is the biggest religious symbol?". His answer was the bible. After that, he started making mini wooden bible magnets.

After a few days, he went to 25 de março Street, the largest comercial street of Latin America, to try to sell the mini products. He started as a street vendor and on the first day he sold everything. There, he found out that the product could be a success. Right after, Mr. Cláudio got some local clients and the business grew.

The first employee was hired after Mr. Cláudio and his wife, Mrs. Maria Ivana Miranda, spent 48 hours working to deliver the requested products.

The name Mirandinha Miniaturas is a tribute to his wife family’s name.

The orders started to increase and then, the wood process changed for plaster and finally for plastic. After all the changes, the business started to grow much more.

After that, the product range increased and the company started to make a lot of miniature products like Mini Milk Bottles, Mini Drink Bottles and craft accessories.

After some years, his other son, Bruno Miranda, started a party supplies business. The first product was for a specific customer, after, he analyzed this Market and realized that he could succeed. He started developing new products like Mini Baby Bottles  and Mini Plastic Candy Containers, wich didn’t exist by that time. As he was very young and couldn’t run a business that was increasing too fast, Bruno end up merging with his father’s company. Thiago Miranda, who became a professional goal keeper and was playing abroad, decided to come back to Brazil and graduate in Administration to run the family business.

The option for the family union was the best choice. Ever since, the company has been increasing much more in a sustainable way.

Nowadays, Bruno Miranda manages the new products and new markets developments and Thiago Miranda manages the company finances.



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